Our Millennial's Ministry serves so that
our young adults can continue growing in their knowledge of Christ through worship,
fellowship, and sound biblical
preaching and teaching. 

They are actively engaged in the ministry and it's a place where young adults can come as they are, but won't stay as they are. 


Our young adults are the future.  The young adult worship team enjoys the opportunity to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of authentic, dynamic worship and praise of God.  

The young Adult Worship Team leads worship in the ministry and church on a regular basis.


The College Student Ministry is a movement for young adults to maintain their burning desire for the things of God.

It serves as an outreach to our students that are at college keeping them spiritually grounded while away from home.

They regularly receive encouragement and inspiration as well as care packages from the church reminding them not only or who they are
but whose they are.

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